Thursday, July 21, 2011

In love...

...with our little man Ezra David.

What amazes me is that there are still people that check this blog... so this picture is for those of you faithful checkers. 

My blog has continued... just not on the web, but in my prayer notebook as I believe more and more that all my thoughts, worries, cares, dreams, joys, hopes, fears and so on should be turned into prayers. I've also been keeping journals for both of my kids. I'd want them to read about what things were like when they were little and about how much we love them and love God. They are both such a blessing to me. We didn't know we were going to have a little guy this time, and I must say that it has been so wonderful having him in our family. I LOVE HIM!!!!!! (there it's out)

I hope you are also doing well... I hope you too have much to give thanks for... we all do actually but sometimes it is not very easy to see because sometimes we just can't see those blessings. I thank the Lord more and more for those things I don't see that I know are happening around me. For the prayers that others lift for me and my family that I don't hear. I thank God because there is still sooooo much to learn, to perfect, to achieve, and He is willing to help us through it... in His typical loving and gentle way. How wonderful it is to have the perfect Father.

I would also like to encourage you just like I encourage myself to stop complaining. It is the opposite of giving thanks and it doesn't do us any good. I don't know how many times I have read people say that they use their blogs to vent... venting is also complaining and what we are really saying is that God is not fair... and that's a lie. God is just and we do Him no honour by complaining. If there is something you are not happy about, tell Him about it, lay it at His feet... run to Him for direction and support.  
God is good. 

Well... my little man just woke up so I better get going. 
Peace and Love in the One and only :)