Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, the more I try to keep this blog going, the least I post. Becoming a mother has killed it... I don't know how women with two or more kids manage to keep a blog going, making beautiful posts with pictures and all. Maybe there is something that I do that they don't do and I guess that's how it is with everything else, pretty much. But, I do keep recording my thoughts and ideas in notebooks and diaries and e-mails and Facebook statuses. I think that the biggest change is that life is not so much about me anymore... it is less about my likes, my thoughts, or my adventures...and that is a GOOD thing. My life is becoming more a life about others... my kids, husband, the church... I desire more and more to have a life about serving others through Christ and His love. (NOT EASY!!!) Blogging for me was really mostly about myself and my little life. I think I would like to continue to blog because I know that this blog has served as an encouragement to some people. People that I'm never really in touch with anymore, but I'm thinking that maybe I'll get to meet new people, and it also serves to help me see what our lives become and how God is always present and never failing. From my first post as a single heart-broken girl living in Holland, to a married lady with two kids living in France His love has always been there, encouraging me, sustaining me and freeing me.

Since my last post we've moved again. This time we moved because we felt led to help out some missionary friends that are planting churches in this region of France. So here we are in this beautiful town waiting patiently and serving as best as we know how to. I know that we have a lot to learn but we have Jesus to show us how, we have His Word to teach us and encourage us and we have the Holy Spirit to lead us. We also have brothers and sisters to share it all with. It's all GOOD!

So anyway... don't have much else to say but I will post a picture, or two! :)

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