Saturday, November 26, 2016


Ah, my little faithful blog is still here. I don't remember when I last checked my blog, but I am here today, on purpose. I wanted to write a post, not sure about what, but a post nonetheless. See, I started this blog ten years ago. It might seem like a lot to some, but ten years really doesn't feel all that long once you are over thirty years old. Its not that long, and yet so much has happened since I wrote my first post about a cat in Holland...I believe, and where I find myself today in France as a wife and stay-at-home mother of four little ones. As I look back, without going through my old posts, one thing is for sure, God has been faithful and present at all times. Through the good, the difficult, and the sad, and at every major event, and challenge. It has been what I would consider an adventure without having to cut through a thick jungle and fight off wild animals. Or having to dive in the dark unknown depths of the ocean, or climbing the icy tops of white pointy mountains. An adventure because an adventure is really about not knowing where your journey will take you, and yet having the willingness to go no matter where it takes you, or what you will have to face... all because right beside you is the greatest Person: Jesus

The one that calms the most violent storms and isn't afraid of anything! In fact he is very likely to go straight to those places nobody else wants to go to, and say and do the things that nobody else dares say or do. And he's taking you right with him. Sometime we are running along thinking about how cool it is to be living it with him, and other times we are being dragged like a crying toddler who needs to be removed from a candy shop, or dragged into a playschool on the second day of school. Sometimes we will be lifted and carried though long periods when we find ourselves weak, fearful and lonely. But he's always there, always loving, always patient, always full of grace, joy and compassion. I can confirm that in these last ten years He has never failed, that no matter how many times I was faced with difficulties and dispair, I could have trusted His gentil "fear not for I am with you".

No matter where you find yourself today, in your mind, or your body, or your heart I can promise you that there is nothing better than putting your trust in Him. There is so much I could thank Him and praise Him for. Not only for what He has done these last ten years, but also for His faithfulness through my whole life.

I do hope to get back to writing posts. Facebook kind of killed this blog, but I've said goodbye to Facebook and have decided that this is a better place for me. Not sure what I could write about, but I'm sure it will always have something to do with Him.

Happy ten year anniversary little blog!

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